Friday, 26 October 2012

My First Rejection!

A few months ago I sent my manuscript of Blue to Take A Break's Fiction Feast magazine. I waited for a reply, and then today, after getting in from school, I found it sitting amongst letters and discarded leaflets.

It said No.

Now, to most people  this would be horrible, terrible, breaking their heart, self-esteem and pride. But I'm sitting here writing this with a grin on my face. For most, a rejection would be a sign of their failure, but to me, its a sign of success.

Most of you are just looking at the screen just now and thinking 'What the hell is she on? Drugs? Tea? Vodka? Seriously, is she alright?' and that's to be expected. The truth is, the rejection letter shows that I tried, something very few writers ever do. I submitted to a magazine, and though I was turned down, someone still picked it up, read it, and deliberated  if only for a second.

Which, although small and insignificant, is a triumph for me.

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