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Fledglings - Part 1

Hey everyone! How are we all doing? I'm studying like crazy just now, hence the lack of posts. On another note, Friday was Halloween (my town is weird...don't look at me like that...) and so, I present unto you, my lovely followers, readers and random stalkers - my costume/my face.

I was tired, so I wasn't smiling, and I lost my moustache, but still - MARIO! Also, a quick reminder for new followers - if you want to read older stories, the Library tab had all the links, so just go there ^.^

Anyway, on with the story. I wrote this a week or so ago, and I love it to bits. However, the reviews on Figment haven't been that good. Please tell me what you think!

Fledglings - Part 1


Simon crumpled his nose into the duvet and turned onto his stomach.



Rolling over, Simon opened his eyes. They blurred in and out of focus, but he caught a glimpse of Asa towering over him, his wings fluttering in front of his face.


“Ugh, Asa, stop it.” Simon pulled himself into an upright position and stretched. His wings unfurled behind him, hitting the wall. “You could just ask me to get up, you know.”

Asa shrugged and moved away from the bed. “Yeah, but that’s not as much fun. What’s the point of having wings if you can’t annoy people with them?” He made to flick the tip into Simon’s nose again, but Simon caught the feather between his fingers and pushed it away.

“Will you put the kettle on?”

“Done already. It stopped whistling a few seconds before I first flicked you.”

Simon pulled the duvet away from his body, his eyes wandering around the dimly lit room. The dark wood walls were stained with mud, and the stove was covered with grease and slime. The duvet rolled onto the floor and covered the small, soft mat that was Asa’s bed. There wasn’t much else there – just a saucepan, two mugs, discarded packet of crisps and a small bird cage perched on top of a bucket. The room was a house, and the house was a shack. It had been built to hold wood from the nearby forest, but, seeing as Asa and Simon needed a house, they had decided to inhabit it. They had had a Dad - Asa said he could remember him - but he had vanished when they were eight. They had come here and made it their home. It wasn’t great, but they didn’t need much. When you’re an Angel, the sky is your playground. The ground is merely an inconvenience.

Simon stood up and stretched again. His crumpled day -old clothes hung off his frame and his hair was ruffled.

“Do you want to go for an early morning fly?”

Glancing at his brother, Simon nodded. He couldn’t be bothered having to stretch and exercise, not this early in the morning, but it was better just to agree with everything Asa said. They were identical twins, but Asa always seemed the older one, the more powerful one. He was confident and strong and wilful. It was better just to nod and say yes, instead of trying to argue with him.

“Right. Spells, yeah?”

Simon nodded, and with a flick of his wrist, cast his hand down his body. He felt a shimmer of heat and a flicker of light and then, nothing. He was invisible. They had discovered how to do it by accident, but it worked extremely well. They lived in the middle of nowhere, but there was a town ten minutes away and a dirt road passing by the hut. They couldn’t chance being seen...not by humans at least.

Reaching over, Simon unlocked the cage door, smiling at the sparrow that jumped onto his palm. It was tiny, its hooked feet smaller than a fingernail. It had been hurt a few months ago, and while Asa was all for cooking it, Simon persuaded him to rescue it instead. It got better in a matter of weeks, but it had refused to leave. Simon called it Glue after that, and it lived up to its name perfectly. Simon held his hand up and the sparrow jumped into the air, zooming around the room. Simon watched it for a moment, before snapping out of his daze and turning back to Asa.

“Are you ready, or are you just going to ogle the bird for the next five hundred years?” Asa had his hand on the door, and his eyebrows were raised to the ceiling.

“I’m ready.”

Asa nodded. “Good.” He opened the door and stepped out into the cool, crisp air. Simon followed and felt a pleasant shiver as the sun lighted upon his feathers. A sea of soft grass spilled out in front of him and with a smile, he bent his knees and jumped.

His wings flapped pathetically for a second, but then a sharp gust of wind carried him upwards into the crisp blue sky. Simon tilted his head back and let his wings float him upwards, further and further away from the patchwork of fields and roads and crops. He never grew tired of this - the exhilarating joy that coated every inch of him as he flew. The wind blurred his eyes and rouged his cheeks, but he didn’t care. Beside him, Glue circled the sun, singing and whistling a happy tune as he followed his master. Simon let him curve round his head, and then, with a grin and a whoop, he dived. He swooped and fell and tilted, angling his wings as he spiralled through the air, playing with the sparrow as it tweeted and skipped.  He grinned and after a few minutes of acrobatics, he stopped beside Asa, who was hovering above the house, a nonchalant whistle on his lips.

 “So...what are you doing today?”

Asa shrugged and tilted to avoid the passing sparrow. “I don’t know. I might go and see Elsie. “
Simon pulled a face. “Her? Again?”

“Well, yeah. She is my girlfriend. You generally have to see each other for the whole relationship to work.”

“I know, I know...I just don’t see what you see in her.”

Asa scoffed. “Just because you’re going to be alone for the rest of your life.”

“Ok, Asa. Whatever you say.”  A smile ghosted on Simon’s face. Asa’s immature comments always made him smile. They were so...insipid. “Hey, did you hear about-”
The sentence died in his throat and Simon froze. Goosebumps coated his skin as a peculiar feeling spread down to his toes and into the air. He turned to face Asa and swallowed. “Did you feel that?”

Asa’s face had gone white. “Yup. Do you think...” He let the sentence trail off and the feeling covered them again. It was a tidal wave, a tugging, a gentle prod in the side. It was a magnet spinning, a compass needle turning, a ragged breath and an uprush of dust. It was everything and nothing.

It was Death.  

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