Sunday, 9 September 2012

Arwyn - The Novella No One Knew About.

Hi! Sorry for not posting - I've been pretty busy lately, for a number of reasons. A) It's my exam year at school, and I'm already being loaded with so much homework I can barely breathe, and B) I've been writing a novella called 'Arwyn' none of you know about.

Yup, I'm a devious, evil person for keeping it from my lovely followers, but anyway, I finished it yesterday. It's a novella which means it's not as long as a novel (50,000+), but I still spent three months of my life writing it. It currently stands at 43,666 words. It's a superhero novel thing about a therapist called Jeremy and an alien called Arwyn (she doesn't look like an alien. Just a girl with really long arms) Here's a short summary -

Jeremy is a therapist working with MI5, but he has his own problems. After his wife and daughter died over six months ago, he has been stuck in a pit of grief and sorrow, one that he can't escape. However, when he called to assist a mission, things start to change.

The goal of the mission is Arwyn, a young girl with extraordinary abilities. An alien, she had long limbs perfect for climbing and swinging, the ability to make herself invisible and diamond studded skin, meaning she's practically invisible. She's just what MI5 needs to take down the terrorist group the Red Hawks. But Arwyn is wild and unpredictable. Jeremy finds it hard to control her and talk to her, but as mystery after mystery unfolds around her, he gets more and more attached to Arwyn. Soon, Jeremy is forgetting his past, and remembering the present. 

Exciting, eh? That's not a very good summary, but it was the best I could do in a short amount of time!

Anyway, there are a few reasons I started writing it.
- I had novel withdrawl symptoms. I needed to write a long arching plot again, just like with Wolfbane, and well, Arwyn presented itself on a silver platter. Who was I to turn it down?
-Also, superheroes. I came up with the idea for Arwyn the day after I saw the Avengers. I've always loved sueprheroes (I think they're awesome) but for some strange reason the Avengers just sparked something in me like no film ever had.
- And thirdly, well, Arwyn has always been in the back of my mind. An imperfect girl, with mood swings and anger issues, who longs to be wild and free and able to run again....she's a bit like me.

I love Arwyn and Jeremy more than I love Lexie and Sam and Lewis, and so, I've planned a sequel, focusing on a wider picture involving them. I'm looking forward to writing it, and this time, I promise not to stop writing short stories as well :D

Now, for the hard part. I've been writing Arwyn for three months, only doing snippets at a time, but over the last week I've written over 2000 words a day trying to get it finished. The reason? My Nanny (aka my gran) is in hospital and I want to make sure she reads it. She's old - a grand 83 - and she's seen better days. She should be alright, but as anyone who has been scared for a loved one before, there's always a murmur in the back of your mind that tells you to fear the worst. Which is why I rushed to finish Arwyn. I'm going to dedicate it to her on this blog when I get round to publishing it on here and my first published novel will also be dedicated to her. She's an amazing person, and I want her to read Arwyn.

And, well, that's it. I'll try to post some chapters of it later, but for now, you'll have to do with the summary. Tell me what you think!

Also, a big shoutout for my Dad, who's 51 today! Comment happy birthday messages so he can see them!


Aηηiε ◕‿◕ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENNI'S DAD!! :)) Love the blog!

~Annie ♥

Rose said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON! You made it, huh? (:

POST. IT. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOOOOWWWWWWWWWW. I want to read it! Hope your gran gets better really really soon, Jennilsabum (:

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Jenni's Dad!!