Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Seasons of An Apple Tree

Hi! I'm sorry not posting yesterday, but I was very sick. Very sick as in I had a cold. But it was a bad cold! A horrible cold in fact. So, that's my excu- I mean, reason for not posting. I'm back now though, with news.

The news being that a few months ago, I wrote a flash fiction story for a competition and then a few weeks ago, I found out I had won! Wooooooo! I got £30 worth of book vouchers (the best present ever) and I'm getting the winning story published in a diary :D It was only a small charity competiton, but still....yey! I thought I'd better give you the proper story, now that the comp is over. So here it is and enjoy ^.^

P.S The word limit was a measly 400, which is why it might seem quite rushed! The theme was Seasons, and it was judged by Fern Britton.


Audrey drew the curtains and a smile flitted across her face. It was raining, but in the corner of the garden, her apple tree was flowering. The grey-speckled blossoms were framed by a dark, murderous sky, and bullets of rain bounced off the knotted bark.

Audrey turned around and faced her husband. He was raking through the drawer in the bedside table. For once, his eyes weren’t blurred and he wasn’t swaying. For once, he was sober.

She plastered a smile on her face. “The apple tree’s in bloom, dear.”

Rob glanced up, frowning. “What? What do you want now?” His words slurred together and Audrey’s heart sank.

“Oh, nothing.” She turned back to the tree. “Nothing at all.”


Audrey relaxed.  The branches of the apple tree swayed above her, the festering brown fruit bobbing. She 
loved summer; it left her full of light.


Audrey glanced up and saw Rob striding towards her. He pointed at her tree, the golden ring on his finger glinting.  “The apple tree - I’m chopping it down.”

Audrey felt her face flush red, a lump forming in her throat. “What?”

“It’s sick.” His voice wobbled and she could smell beer on his breath.

 “No! It’s fine!”

“No. It needs to go.”

Audrey stood up, panic jumpstarting her heart.  “You can’t do that!”

“I can,” he said, his voice rising over the muttering breeze. “It. Is. Going.” He turned around and marched back into the house.

Audrey felt her heart contract. He couldn’t take the apple tree.

He couldn’t.


Audrey walked into the dark garden, a plastic bag bouncing on her shoulders. She stopped by the apple tree and lowered her load. Crouching, her hands skimmed the newly turned earth and she a chunk of meat from the bag. It was slick with juice. She chucked it into the hole and covered it with dirt. With this new fertilizer, her apple tree would get better.

A moment later, Audrey stood up, lifting the bag. She smiled and strolled to the house. She was happy with Rob gone. The brute had ‘vanished’, and now, her life was finally perfect.

The apple tree groaned as she stepped inside the house. Its branches shuddered in the breeze, and a black leaf spiralled to the ground, landing on something that jutted out of the ground.

A finger, with a glowing gold ring.


Jack H said...

I love the ending! :D Very smart story, and, of course you won! It's because you are an amazing writer!

Caroline said...

Woah the ending!!!

Anonymous said...

This was crazy!! (Crazy good, I mean.)

Haha, I do like the ending... it has it's own little twist to it.