Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm back...and I wrote a poem?!

Bonjour mes amis! I'm back from beautiful France, which, I'm sorry to say, wasn't as beautiful this time around. I went to the same place as I went last year (for the original post, click here). It was lovely, but the terrible weather from the U.K drifted over to where we were, and as a result we got three days of sun. Joy. But it was still a good holiday. The clouds gave me decent enough time to finish reading all of the Sherlock Holmes books, short stories and other assorted things. Wooooo! I've read every Sherlock orientated thing Sir A.C. Doyle ever wrote!

Unfortunately, my camera had a hissy fit on the second day, so I didn't take any pictures. Sorry about that! If my sister uploads any, I'll put them up here asap. However, as the title suggests, I did write a poem during my holiday. Shock horror, I know. It doesn't rhyme, but there is a patter in syllables. Creative criticism - as always - is accepted with a hug and some cookies. it's not great. But it's something. Which something. Enjoy!

Dancing Birds and Shattered Glass

Dark clouds full of sorrow,
Tempest rising on the howling wind,
To the left, a broken doll’s house,
To the right, a field of shattered glass

Bright skies full of fluffy clouds,
Shimmering water, swaying oak trees,
To the left, crowds of dancing birds,
To the right, a field of sunflower heads

Blue skies blend into black,
Two moods, two days, two different worlds,
Happy one moment, sad the next,
The confusion of a teenage girl.

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