Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Contract

Hello! This is my 100th blog post! Woo! :D I can't believe it - it seems like only yesterday that I was fretting over what to call this blog!
Anyway, this is a story I wrote to be part of a larger project, but it didn't work out. I still like the idea though, and hopefully you'll appreciate it as well. Enjoy!

The Contract

Catching the signal from one of her ‘friends’, Angela smoothed down her skirt and walked over the where the man was sitting. Her black sunglasses kept slipping down her nose, and she could feel her blouse riding up, slowly coming loose from her skirt. She tried to ignore it. She had to do this well, else she’d never be accepted. She had to do this. She had been lucky to be given the offer in the first place.

The man was sitting on a bar stool by the counter, his hands filled with a large burger. He was lanky and thin, but hidden muscles rippled under his shirt. He was wearing a suit - he was a businessman. His short black hair was cropped and trimmed round the sides. Even in a diner, he sat up straight, his hard, murky eyes alert and waiting. Angela saw him glance at her and then look down, turning his attention back to the bun in his hands.  He didn’t know who she was. Good. That would make things easier.

Just as the man raised the burger to his lips, Angela pushed it back down into his lap. “Sir? I need you to come with me.”

The man frowned and looked her up and down. She could feel him examining her, measuring her. His eyes skimmed over her black top, her black skirt, her black high heels.  He paused for a minute on her curly brown hair before looking at her in the eyes. “And you are?”

Angela smiled. “I’ll explain that outside, Sir. This is...slightly too public for the information we’ll be discussing.”

The man’s eyes widened and he gave a curt nod. “Ok, then.” He glanced around at the diner. It was busy, with only a few empty seats scattered here and there. Waitresses in their red aprons scurried around, holding fries and burgers, chicken wings and drinks. It all looked disgusting, but then again, Angela never had been into fast food. There weren’t any diners or fast food bars where she came from. Not in the posh area of London.

“Can I bring my burger with me?” Angela nodded and the man stood up, grabbing his briefcase with his spare hand.

“I’ll get that.”

Angela took the bag from the man and led him to the door. Her ‘friend’ at the other table didn’t look round, but she could see him smile. So far, so good. The man still didn’t know who she was, or he did and didn’t want any trouble. Either way, it was looking up for her.

Angela opened the door and stepped out into the warm Florida air. It never cooled down here - not even when it rained, or when it was windy. It was either warm or very warm. Angela never thought she’d say it, but she missed the freezing winds and rains of Britain. It made life so much more interesting, instead of this heat, this pressing, constant, humid heat.

She walked towards a Rolls-Royce and opened the door for the man. He stepped inside and Angela followed him in.

The car was dark, with tinted windows and leather seats. It was an English car, classy, stylish, with an air of 
business hovering around it. It was beautiful in Angela’s opinion, but then she had never been a car expert, had she?

Angela perched herself on one of the leather seats and turned to face the man. He was tucking into his burger, lettuce smothered in mayonnaise threatening to ruin the upholstery. Angela plucked the lettuce from under the burger and put it in her mouth. It tasted good, rich and greasy. She glanced back at the man. “Do you know who I am?”

"The man stopped eating, and lowered his burger. “Not personally, no. But I take it you work for Rapio?”
Angela smiled and nodded. “Yes, Sir. My name is Angela.”

“That isn’t very imaginative for a fake name, is it now?”

Angela laughed. You never usually got ones with a humour. Not when they knew what was coming. “I guess not, Sir. Anyway, I take it you understand why I’m here?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” The man took a bit of his burger and swallowed. “Are we going to talk first? About the deal?”

“Yes. Now...” Angela thought back to the file she had been given before the mission started, “ten years ago you signed the contract. You had three days to think it over, yes?”

The man nodded. “Yes.” He sighed. “It seemed so easy, you know?”

“Many of our clients feel that way. And it is easy...we’ve held up our part of the bargain, and now it’s time to hold up yours.”

The man nodded again, and Angela saw his lip start to quiver. Her supervisor had warned her about this. She had to be comforting. She had to understand what the man was going through. She had to be...what was the word...empathetic.

“It was just so easy. Unlimited resources, backing for my business, contacts in the highest places...and all I had to do was sign a bit of paper, and I would succeed.” He stole a glance at Angela. There were tears pricking in his eyes. “You know how easy it is to do, don’t you?”

“I understand, Sir.”

“It was a quick fix, a quick way to get out of something...I thought that if I held off having one for a while, I wouldn’t have to give it up...” He gulped. “When do you want him?”

“We’ll pick him up tomorrow morning, before sunrise. Don’t worry, Sir. He’s going to a good home. Your wife won’t even remember she had a child.”

The man started whimpering and Angela reached over and settled her hand on his arm. She gave him a quick pat and then dug deep into the man’s briefcase for a pad. She found one immediately, and picking a pen from her pocket, set it to paper. “It’s ok. He’s going to a good place. We’ll take care of him”

The man sniffed. “You’re sure my wife won’t remember him?”

“Positive,” Angela said, trying desperately to inject some calmness into her voice. Soothing people was never her strong point. “We’ll erase her memory, targeting the areas of the brain that deal with family. Now, what age is your son?”

"Three. He’s a beautiful baby. Blond hair, you know. Curly. It was brown when he came out, but then, it changes when they grow up, doesn’t it? Do you have children?”

“No, Sir. I see them enough in my line of work. Now, any allergies?”

“Peanuts. And lobster.”

Angela couldn’t help but peek over her sunglasses. “You fed your three year old lobster?”

“It was by accident.”

Angela nodded and scribbled the information on the pad. Tears were streaming down the man’s face, leaving his eyes puffy and red and his cheeks blotchy. He looked much nicer when he wasn’t crying. “Ok. I’ll pull up some documents, including the contract you signed, and bring them to your house tomorrow. I’ll pick him up personally. Don’t worry, Sir. Your son is in good hands.”

The man gulped back a sob and nodded. “Ok. Ok.”  He took a deep breath and wiped his eyes. “Should I go now?”

“If you could, Sir. Enjoy your day. And your burger.”

The man nodded and picked up his briefcase, snapping it shut as he did so. He seemed unaware she had stolen his pad, and she didn’t think he would notice until she was long gone. He sniffed and picked the burger from his lap. “Thank you. I’m glad it was you instead of someone else. You seem...nice.”

“First impressions are often deceiving, Sir.” She smiled and opened the car door for him. “Have a good day. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The man mumbled something, goodbye probably, as he stumbled out the car. Angela closed the door and stepped into the driver’s compartment, sliding into the passenger seat. Her ‘friend’ was in the driver’s seat, his sunglasses up on his head, displaying a pair of crystal eyes. He had slipped in halfway through her discussion with the man, silent as always. He glanced at her and grinned. “Good one, kiddo. Pulled it off nicely. You are officially part of Rapio Inc.”

“Thanks. Did you hear everything?”

“Yup. Nice way to seem more casual, by the way, with the lobster. You need to work on your comforting, but I can teach you that, no problem.”

“What’s your name?”

He glanced up. “Just call me Blade for now.”

“Angela. But then you know that.”

“Yup. I must say, you look beautiful in that skirt, Angela.”

Angela felt herself blush. “Where to now?”

“Hmmm...We have a guy to talk to in San Francisco, and a pickup in L.A. L.A first? We can get lunch on the way.”

“Sounds good.”

Blade pulled away from the parking lot and drove out onto the highway. They drove in silence for a few minutes.

Angela played with a loose nail. Her heart was thudding in her chest and she was buzzing with adrenaline. She had done it! The joy flooded in body in seeping waves, but there was a hint of guilt in her heart. She swallowed. “I wonder what the kid will be like.”

“Why do you care?” Blade turned round the car, merging into another lane. He was smiling. “He’s just another bit of meat. Isn’t he?”


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this is amazing. disturbing. but amazing.

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Great post! Great blog! Mind checking out mine?

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Yikes, I agree with Emily! Very well written...but disturbing, too. ;) You did a great job with it, and I'm quite intrigued! It definitely has potential to become something bigger; good luck if you decide to attempt it. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, congrats on a hundred posts! That's fantastic!