Thursday, 12 April 2012

A little hiatus, I'm afraid.

Yes. It says it all in the title. Jenni's Tales is going to take a little break - just for a week or two until I get Wolfbane finished, which hopefully won't be very long now :D I'm nearing the climax, and I swear to the God of Writing that once my novel is finished I will be back here, with stories and snippets of my novel. Until then, goodbye, shalom, au revoir, auf weidersehen! I'll be back soon, I promise!

P.S. Here is a pic of Lexie's right eye to keep you happy. I might be posting some stuff about her, her brothers, The General, Olly, Matt and Xavier (so many characters!) here after I get back :D


Caroline said...

Wow your almost done!

Rose said...

i hit bad, because AWWW YOU'RE NOT GONNA BLOG FOR A WEEK OR SO!! and awesome because YAYAYAYYYY WOLFBANE!! (: