Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hiya! Quick little post to tell you about this awesome thing happening on Kiva just now :D Kiva is a lending site on the internet, and basically people browse through entrepreneurs in the developing world, choose someone and then give them £25 or more to start a business. So if I see someone on Kiva who lives in Vietnam and wants to buy a cow, I could give them money to help them do that, and eventually they could pay me back. It's a fantastic idea and I love it.

Now, I understand that most of the people who are going to read this post are in their teens and probably don't have any money to give, even if they wanted to. This is where I come in. Kiva is doing free loans at the mo, meaning you can loan money to someone in Africa without having to take money from your pocket - your loan is paid for by celebrities and rich kids. Hurrah! Someone on the other side of the world gets to start a clothing shop, and you help them without losing anything! Click on the link below to start lending. Please help! :D  This isn't a scam or anything, and I've not been told to advertise it. I just think its a great way to help people.

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Cat said...

I absoltely love the idea of Kiva, it's so awesome! XD I'll probably do this :)