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Dancing Flames - Flight

Hello, everybody! How is everyone doing? Well, I have some news. Ahem. From this day to the day of the 17th of February, I am taking a break from blogging. Why? I'm in York for the holidays! Yay! But, unfortunately, that means no internet, which means no blogging :/ Hmmm...On the brighter side, I have two stories waiting in the wings (one being Feral 4 ;D)  and a post on showing vs telling :) So, have a good holiday (if you've got one), and there'll be lots of juicy stories waiting when you come back!

So, the last of Dancing Flames. I'm surprised this didn't get a bigger reaction like The Feral series, but oh well. You seem to have liked it anyway, so enjoy the last part :)

Dancing Flames

“What the hell where you doing?!”

Fintan sat bolt upright and stared at Sal. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. He looked unconscious, his thin lips pressed together. Which meant...Fintan whipped around, and gasped. The shack was a smouldering mess of rubble. Embers glowed in the wreckage, and Fintan saw the flicker of a flame hidden underneath a broken piece of wood. The fire had gone out, most of it anyway. Fintan furrowed his brow. That shouldn’t happen. The shack should have gone up in flames, burned to the ground. It couldn’t just go out.

“Well, Fintan?”

Fintan jumped and looked around the clearing. There was no one there, but him and Sal and...wait... “Arianna?”

She stood behind the shack, her hands placed on her hips. He clothes were stained black with ash and smoke and her beautiful eyes raged and flamed inside her head. “Well? What the hell was that?! Why the hell did you use your power?” Fintan winced. He had never heard someone so angry. He propped himself up on his hands. “Arianna? What are you doing here? You could have gotten hurt!”

Arianna walked toward him and snorted. “More like you and your mental friend. And to answer your other question, I followed you - you were up to something, I saw that much. Why did you do that?! Why did you use your fire?”

Fintan frowned and stood up. His ribs creaked and ached, but he barely noticed. “How do you know about my fire?”

Arianna folded her arms across her chest. “I saw it earlier. But that doesn’t matter! If I hadn’t been here to help you, you and your friend would have been charred to a cinder.”

Fintan’s eyes widened. “You put out the fire?”

“No, it was the magical centaur. Course, I did!”

“But-but where did you get the water?”

Arianna shook her head and laughed cruelly. “Fintan, you need to learn something. You aren’t alone. You never were.”

She took a small step back and opened and closed her palm in the same motion Fintan had gotten so used to. 

A spiral of water sprung into the air, dancing over Arianna’s palm like a ballerina. She closed her hand and the water stopped.

“I am water. You are fire. Somewhere out there, there is wind and earth. We are the same in the way we control our power. The only difference is that I’m not an irresponsible idiot. Now, back to my first question - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!”

Fintan was too stunned to reply. “I-There’s others?”

“Once every second generation, four kids get the powers. We get them when we turn fifteen. We get a secondary power as well, but yours hasn’t developed since-”

“We have another power? Cool! What’s yours?”

Arianna sighed. “Mind reading. That’s how I knew what you were planning to do. When we talked, I looked into your eyes and saw Salvatore and fire. That’s all I needed to cause concern.”

Fintan felt a spark hit off in his brain. “That fire I saw in your eye? That was reflected from my mind?”

Arianna nodded. “You’ll get a secondary power in about a week or two. They take a bit longer to develop. might get invisibility, but I don’t know. Anyway, stop changing the subject! What were you thinking! You could have got your friend killed!”

Fintan took a step forward. “He asked me to come with him! I had no idea he was crazy enough to make me light something next to petrol!”

“Yeah, well look what you’ve done!” Arianna wrung her hands. “You have to get out of there. No, we have get out of here. The school will see the smoke.” She threw a glance at the wreckage behind her and scowled. 

“You’re coming with me, and I’ll shove some sense into that head of yours.” Her hand leapt forward and grabbed Fintan’s wrist. He leapt backwards and flexed his hand. “Get off me!” A small flame shot out of his palm and caressed Arianna’s smooth flesh.

She smiled. “Nice try. Doesn’t hurt me. Now, we need to move.” She yanked him forward and he stumbled into a branch. “Come on,” she hissed. She started running, pulling Fintan over logs and stubbing his toe on branches.

“Hey, hey!” He slowed to a stop, making Arianna stop with him. “What about Sal?”

“What about him?”

“Well, we can’t just leave him!”

Arianna frowned. “Yes, we can and we will. Now, come on! No one can know we were here!” She started running again, and soon, the smoking embers of the shack were out of sight. Fintan glanced behind him and then looked at Arianna. It used to be that he fancied her. He still did, but now, she was his mentor, his guardian almost. Fintan tried to think back to yesterday, how normal everything had been, when left wasn’t right and good wasn’t bad. He could barely remember it, and with a flash, he realised he didn’t need to. This was his life now. This was how it was meant to be, ever since he was born. He wasn’t just Fintan anymore - he was the Fintan, the boy with the power, Fintan, the boy Arianna was linked to, Fintan, the boy who abandoned his best friend. He was Fintan - the boy with the dancing flames.

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Caroline said...

I loved this whole series! One of your best!!! I hope you can put out a part 5 that could explain what he got as his other power and what he and Arianna are going to do about finding the other two.