Saturday, 28 January 2012

What's in a name?

Bit of  a different post today, just because I felt like it :)

Now, some of you might have noticed that some of the names I use for my characters are, well, weird. Take the heroine of my book for example. Lexie. Its a pretty odd name, not exactly one you would find on the street. However, there is an actual reason for her name. In fact, there is a reason why my characters sometimes have strange names - Meanings. Baby name meanings.

Yup. I spend most of time before writing a story on and other sites. Don't get me wrong, some of the character's names just jump into my head - like Matt from my story 'Matt' - but when a character has a strong personality trait or physical look, the first thing I do is pop on the internet.

Ok, so back to Lexie. I spent ages trying to find a name for her. She was originally called Lana, which means 'afloat' in Hawaiian , but the name didn't suit her. So, I went browsing, and eventually I found it, the name I was looking for. Lexie. Lexie is a variant of Alexandra, which means 'defender of man'. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It fitted Lexie's character perfectly. She's strong, brave and it's not hard to picture her as a Roman gladiator, with a spear in her hand. It's also quite ironic in Lexie's case, as she was made to destroy men, not defend them. Funnily enough, Alex in 'Over and Out' is a variant of Alexandra as well - fitting seeing as she destroys hordes of zombies.

A couple of times this frantic name searching has paid off, and been used in a story as a main component. For example, the villain in 'Willow Hall' is called Lilith. This is essential in the story as Matt (wow, I use that name a lot!) rightly point out that it means witch.  Here's a small list of names that mean something.

Andrea - manly (Human Hunt)
Lucy - in good. (Lucy)
Fintan - white fire (In my next story)
Arianna - silver (In my next story)
Salvatore - saviour (In my next story)
Julie Yaxley - Yaxley is the surname of a Death eater in Harry Potter. I've also hidden hundreds of HP references throughout my blog. Most recently the constant appearance of the number 394 ("Turn to page 394." - Snape) and the *accidental* likeness of Tom Marley to a famous Harry Potter actor.

Chris Rankin/ Percy Weasley/ Tom Marley :D
So, yeah, that's how I choose names for my characters. Comment if you liked this post - I'd quite like to do more of them!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I do to! I love getting unusual names when I'm writing stories :) Arianna and Salvatore are names out of Eragon I think, hehe. Great post, do more! xD

Lily♥ said...

I wonder what my name means...
I can't wait to here your new stories, the one with the names of white fire sounds interesting- as well as the other ones!
I really liked this post actually- you should do more :D

Cat said...

I really liked this post! 'Twas very interesting ^_^

Rose said...

whats sweet is that you put MY name on the picture :) *squee*

this was really cool - i thought you had just plucked the name lexie from your imagination, i didnt realise that it actually meant something!! awesomepossum.

and, finally, sorry to crush your dreams but WHEN WILL YOU REALISE THAT THAT GUY IS NOT HOT?? (justsaying)

Emily said...

she...she...she doesn't think he's hot does she??