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Redanena Part 2

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that I got to 200 pages of Wolfbane :O Yey! And happy Burns night! For those of you who don't know, the 25th of January is Rabbie Burns birthday, and it is a celebrated occasion in Scotland.
This has to be quick because I've got some major studying to do, but here is Redanena Part 2! Enjoy :D To see Part 1, click here.

Redanena Part 2

“Here we are.”

I glanced up from the floor and found myself face to face with a glass door. The numbers 394 were written on it in black pen, and there was a small swipe machine on the wall beside it.

“On you go.” Tom smiled at me, his eyes wide.

“Eh, don’t you have one? A card, I mean?”

“No. I’m off duty...I need to do an extra experiment on the specimen. Off record, I you know what I mean.”

I felt my heart contract again, but this time it was with anger. He called the hostage a specimen. Like he wasn’t alive, like he wasn’t a being. I had the sudden urge to punch him, to kick all his ideas of experiments out of that puny brain of his. He no longer seemed attractive...now he just looked like a monster.

“Ok,” I said through gritted teeth. I pulled the card from my pocket and swiped it down the machine. There was beep and the door swung open. I smiled at Tom, but it was hard and fake. Another minute and I would show him...

Tom grinned and pushed the door open fully. “Ladies first.”

I stepped inside the room and gasped. It was huge, with long worktables and a row of computers and machines near the back. The lighting casted a faint green glow over the white enamel surfaces. I took another step forward and the strong smell of chemicals wafted into my nose. I glanced at the side. There was a distillation kit on a table, dripping blue liquid into a flask. Drip. Drip. Drip. The liquid was the same colour of my sweat, fluorescent and light. I peeled my eyes away from it and instead turned back round to face Tom.

He walked into the room and closed the door. “So, what did you need to do in here?”

“I need to, em...I need to ask you something.” I motioned for him to come closer with my finger. His brow furrowed in confusion, but he walked forward anyway. I slipped my hand into my pocket, feeling for rounded edge of the gun Wal had made me carry. It wrapped my hand round it, feeling the cold metal send shivers through my body. I glanced up and smiled at Tom. He was standing directly in front of me, his chest strangely 
close to my own.

“What was it you wanted to ask me?”


I pulled the gun out of its holster and fired. A beam of green light shot out, zipping through the air where Tom was standing. His mouth widened in shock, and his eyes doubled in size. He knew he was about to die. The shot flew towards him and there was a fizz, a crack, as it hit his body. Tom jerked backwards in spasm. His lungs forced the air out in a gasp, and he fell to floor, silent.

I looked at him for a moment, and for the first time, I felt tears prick my eyes. No one was meant to die in this mission. Not even men like him. He was just doing his job. A shiver ran up my spine, and I placed the gun back in its holster. Tom’s eyes were wide and bulging, his mouth still open in shock. You couldn’t see it, but his insides had been melted by the beam of plutonic energy - something these people hadn’t discovered yet. When they found him, when they did their autopsy, all they would find would be a sticky mess. I bent down and closed his open eyes. It was a horrible way to die, and he didn’t deserve it. But that was in the past now. I couldn’t reverse it. Sighing, I swivelled round on my heels. I needed to carry on with the mission.

I looked around the room once more, my eyes catching on specific details. The bubbling beaker of red solid, the hiss of a gas main, a tiny alcove at the side of the room, the petri dish of cells multiplying in the corner...I paused, my eyes whipping back to the alcove. I hadn’t noticed it at first - it was covered with a white partition, making it blend almost seamlessly into the wall. There was horrible smell coming out from under it, a mixture of sick, vanilla and gobi flowers. My hand moved automatically to my gun. That was where our guy was. It had to be.

I walked towards it, my hand tight on the butt of my gun. The closer I got, the stronger the smell was. I wanted to gag. Instead, I moved my other hand out, curling it round the edge of the partition. I yanked it away and a smile spread across my face, like oil on water.

It was the hostage, our guy. He was locked in a cage, crouched at the back of it. Blue sweat beaded on his forehead and his knees were pressed towards his bare chest. His huge eyes were shut and he looked so...small. I placed my hands on the cage bars and gave them a little shake.


The hostage’s eyes snapped open and he leapt to his feet. He was tall and skinny, his legs like matchsticks. He straightened his back and his height grew again to at least seven feet, his bald head brushing the top of the cage. He stared down at me, at my weak, fat frame. His arms were crisscrossed with scars and cuts, bright red against his pale green skin. He blinked at me, his black eyes alive with fear.

“No. Sorry. Me have fear. Please.”

He quivered and edged backward. I nodded and held up my hand. “Sei amaga Trilliana. Sei dergaw tyop ywo. Sei ap redanena. Quer?”

The hostage’s eyes widened, their black expanse becoming a black hole. He took a minute step forward, and pressed his fingers on the bars. They were long and spindly with rounded tips. “Trilliana?”

I nodded. “Sei amsert shew ywo.” The man nodded and I took a small step back from the cage. He wanted me to show myself. My real self, not the thing was pretending to be. I took my hand off my gun and shrugged off my lab coat. Already I could feel my bones straining to escape from these clothes. I reached behind my back and felt underneath my top. There. My fingers fumbled with the switch embedded into my skin, teasing it upwards. Click. The switch fell into place, and felt my clothes fall away into nothing, my human skin disappear. I rolled my shoulders and stood up, face to face with the hostage.

The hostage simply looked at me and nodded. “Ywo amaga redanena.” His fingers curled round the bars and he smiled. “Chriss na.” Thank you, in English.

I smiled back and picked my gun up from the floor. I felt so tall, so normal now. I was wearing a pair of camo coloured trousers and sandals, nothing else. Nothing to constrict my movement, like those silly human clothes. 

I lifted the gun to my face and twisted the dial on it. “Ghanr sertio.” The hostage nodded and stepped back to the far side of the cage. His eyes were alive with hope and happiness - they twinkled with sparks of white and gold.

I aimed the gun at the lock on the cage and fired. It was only a small blast this time, one that only exerted enough energy to melt metal. The lock fizzed and fell to the floor, a sticky molten mess. I stepped forward and open the cage door with a flourish. “Terii.” The guy nodded and clambered out. He stumbled and rocked on his feet, his twig-like fingers grasping my shoulder for support. I wrapped a hand around his waist and yanked him towards me. I caught his legs and pulled him into a baby lift, his arms winding round my neck.

 “Chriss na. Chriss na.”

“Wwque. Walec amaga tgit, quer?”

I glanced up at the ceiling. Walec should have been here a minute ago. It wasn’t like him to be late. I furrowed my brow and looked up again. Where was he?

There was a crack and Wal suddenly appeared next to me. He was in his normal form as well, none of that human disguise business. He was slightly bulkier than me, but you could still see his ribs. He too was only wearing trousers, but on his wrist was a shining blue watch that twinkled in the light. I knew what it was. A transporter. It broke down anything that touched it into matter, and then moved them elsewhere. It worked over short distances, which was good, as base was only 3 kiloweras away.

Wal looked at me, and then the hostage, and smiled. “Trill, recga ana. Well done.” He grasped my wrist and pressed a button on the watch.  There was a beep, and everything flashed white.


I was lying earlier. The start had gone to plan - it was the middle that went wonky. Tom had to get involved, he had to tag along and get himself killed. Wal was disappointed that I didn’t try something else, but he agreed that he couldn’t be left alive. If he had so much suspected that we were aliens, so help me, we would be dead. We weren’t aliens anyway...the humans are the aliens. We are the redanena. We are special. We are different. And we are brave.


Caroline said...

I loved the ending, I wasn't excepting it!

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aww tom </3
but great story, as always i really enjoyed reading it! :D