Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey! Just wanted to post a little update about my life and stuff :) I have a karate grading later so this has to be quick!

1. I reached 40000 words in my novel! So far, I have 41363 words, 15 and a half chapters and 137 A4 pages :D This makes me really excited even if I'm not at the halfway mark. To know more about my novel click the link - Wolfbane - or go to the pages at the top and click "Wolfbane!"

2. I have finished editing the story I want to send into the competition. It's called Fame and Honour and it's about a journalist who writes an article about the world's oldest man. He interviews him and he is about to leave when the man confesses the euthanasia of his wife. The journalist must decide what to do - shatter the man's reputation and gain himself fame, or keep it a secret and retain his honour. I've also decided to enter The Feral Boy, seeing as it got such a good reaction!

Anyway, that's me...I have a karate grading tonight and about 5 concerts in the next week, including one when I have a solo :/ I'm so nervous! But I'll do fine. I hope. See ya!

P.S. I got my orange belt! Yey! xD


Zoe Crook said...

Congratulations on exceding 40000 words! That's amazing! You're story sounds great, I will cross my fingers for you :)

I am doing a karate grading this week too - which belt are you going for?

Ginger♥ said...

Please write more of the Feral boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im beggggggging you!