Monday, 19 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Hiya, my happy snowmen! Christmas is almost upon us - a time of pressies and chocolate and love and all the other stuff.This will be my last blog post until after New Year, so I wish you all a very merry Christmas!
As my own Christmas present, I leave you with this. I wrote it in about two seconds, so it isn't very good, but still. I wrote it after thinking about my schools annual Christmas assembly. Usually they talk about the nativity and Jesus (I don't really believe in all that - sorry!) but this year the reverend talked about giving and less fortunate children. Now, I might not believe in God, but I still like the meaning of Christmas - love. This letter is the brainchild of that. Give to those less fortunate!
And finally, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :D

Dear Daddy...

Dear Daddy,
                   Hello. Mummy told me to write this, to let you know what is happeing happening. I thought it was stoopid, because you know everything, but Mummy says I have to. I don’t want to make her angry so I am writing this.

How are you? I’m excited. It is Christmas in a few days (or Crimble as mary at school calls it - it told her it was wrong, but she didn’t listen) I can’t wait to get my presents in the morning. I got Mummy a present. Its a candle called “Evening Rose” it smells good, and I hope she likes it.

I am rellay looking forward to getting my presents. I saw Mummy wrapping a lego man up with the brown paper. I think it was for me, but them she saw me and screamed. I ran up to my room and hid under my bed. I wish she didn’t get so angry.

Mummy gets angry sometimes, but I think that is becos she misses you. She says I “wind her up the wall” and if I make to much noise she makes me go to my room and I don’t get any dinner. Once she hit me on the head, and I fell asleep but then she said sorry and boout bought me a cake. I was happy after that. I try really really really hard not to make her angry, but I always do the rong thing. I usually stay in my room.

I wish you were here for Christmas. More presents for me!!!! I bought a present for you, but then Mummy found it and threw it out. I felt sad when that happened but then Mummy explained that would see it anyway. That cheered me up a bit but I still wish you were here.

Mummy says I need to go do the dishes and tidy my room now. She’s got that wierdd weird look in her eye, the one she gets when she has a bottle in her hand. She’s shouting at me. I wish you were here Daddy, not with mr jesus in the sky. She was less angry then.

I need to go Daddy. Pleeese reply as soon as posible. Have a merry Christmas and say hi to mr jesus for me!

I love you so much.

Love  Jack xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooo 


Cat said...

Omg....I actually got a lump in my throat reading that :( You're an awesome writer x

Lily♥ said...

Aw that was really good, and sad at the same time(: I got a lump in my throat too, Cat!

Merry Christmas- I hope you have an AH-MAZING one!!!

Caroline said...

WOAH JENNI! Another amazing story! I still have goosebumps from Feral Boy 2!! I loved it!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rose said...

"say hi to mr jesus for me daddy"
tears welling up in my eyes :'(

whatdoyoumean youre not posting till after new year????? I DONT THINK I CAN SURVIVE THAT LONG!!!!!!

iloveyou - c you soon after chrimbo (: x

Veela Cat said...

Oh... you made me cry. It is really freaking good.
Have a merry Christmas, Jenni! And please, please, PLEASE keep posting.

Zabrinah said...

Oh wow! This was really captivating. It reminds of books that really brings you into the mindset of a child, like Junie B. Jones.

Keep writing! You have a gift!

Best wishes from one blogger (writer) to another,


Jenni said...

@Zabrinah Thank you! Have you read any of my other stories? :)