Monday, 5 December 2011

Book Review? Story? Nope...

Hey! Ok, first off I'm going to share an amazing song with you guys. It's by this Youtuber called nerimon (or Alex Day) and he has released loads of albums and songs :) He's very original and this is one of his songs. He's trying to get it to No1 in the British charts, but he can't do it without some help! So share this link and buy the song on iTunes!! XD

I wanted to do a book review today, library is closed and I have ran out of books! But I promise, as soon as I get a new book to read there will be a review!
As a consequence of this, I'm posting up nothing :( I have no stories to give you, no book, I couldn't...well, maybe...ok! Here is a poem I wrote for English. It is not fantastic but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)


It slithers, slides, glides,
Through the jungle,
A silent snake.

Green as bright emerald,
With sharp, forked tongue,
Biting with fangs.

It’s coiled inside you,
Waiting to pounce,
Ready for sparks.

You’re sitting, sipping,
Lukewarm coffee,
Head bowed, eyes lowered

Then you see her,
Beautiful, bold,
And it comes to life.

It whispers in your ear,
As you sit still
Cold words like venom.

The slim snake hisses,
Murderous thoughts,
Poisonous envy.


Cat said...

Omg I'm in love in Alex Day ^_^ I've loved him since his first video and now he's really trying to get his music out there! I <3 him soooo much and really want him to make it number 1!! XD Can't believe you like him too!!!

Great poem :D You're amazing at poetry >.<

Rose said...

grr i hate that guy. >:( he is SOOOOO annoying!!!!
on the plus, thayt poem's really reallly god :D xxxx

Katherine Rae said...

I like this poem... I like how envy is portrayed as a snake, green with fangs. Really good job. :)