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Over and Out - Part 2

Hi! Sorry this is quick but I've got homework to do! Enjoy!

Over and Out - Part 2

Alex had no time to shout a warning. Tim had been sucked into the moonless night, and in the distance, she could hear the animalistic cries.  “Everybody move!” she ordered. Bruce and Lionel frowned. “MOVE!” They didn't have to be told a third time. The two men jumped behind Alex. The cries were getting louder and louder, becoming high pitched and crazed by the scent of blood. Alex took a step away from the door and swung it shut. Her arms ached to reach out and grab Tim from the grasp of the creature, but she couldn’t risk it. A speck of pus, blood, sweat on her skin and she would be dead.

Bruce tapped her on the shoulder.  “Alex, I hear someone. Listen.”


The voice was sweet and sugary, barely audible over the sounds of the creatures’ cries.

“It’s the creatures.  Ignore it,” said Alex, turning back towards the door.  She could hear footsteps now.  It wouldn’t be long until the creatures came for them.  Half a minute at most.

“But Alex, the creatures don’t have two brain cells to rub together. It can’t be th-”

“Listen to me. We leave the voice. It’s our imagination and we have more pressing concerns just now, like being eaten. Are we clear?” Bruce opened his mouth to argue and then promptly shut it.

“Good.”Alex nodded and then turned back towards the door. “When these things burst through we slaughter ‘em, ok?” Alex saw Lionel grin out the corner of her eye.

“Sure thing.” He cocked his gun and clutched it tightly to his chest. Bruce hesitated and then did the same. They were ready.

Clunk. Clunk. Bang! The creatures rammed themselves up against the door. Alex could hear their laboured breathing, smell the sweat and pus oozing from their pores.  It was disgusting. Alex squeezed the handle of her axe. Clunk. Clunk clunk clunk clunk!

“Trick-or-Treat...please let me in! Trick-or-Treat!”

The voice was louder now. Alex frowned just as Bruce said, “There’s someone out there!” He started forward and pressed his hand on the door handle.

“No!” Alex caught him by the shoulder and yanked him backwards.  “Are you mad? You can’t go outside.” Alex pushed Bruce back and he stumbled onto the floor. “It’s the confinement – it’s doing things to your head. Now, get back into position.”

Bruce stood up and glowered. “There’s someone out there,” he growled.

Alex was losing her patience. “No, there’s not! You’re imagining things – its Halloween, for crying out loud! Now, sit down and get ready, or I swear the next head that will be falling on the floor will be yours!”

The door suddenly burst open. An army of creatures’ ran through the opening, hollering and drooling. Their cold, red eyes took a moment to find their pray, and when they lunged. Alex was knocked backwards and pinned to the floor by an aggressive male. He was salivating and his mouth was forced into a lopsided grin. He looked hungry, bloodthirsty.  Alex acted on instinct. Her axe hacked at the creature’s arm forcing it to let go and stumble backwards in pain. Alex bounced up off the floor and swung her bloody axe.  It hit the man’s neck and cut the windpipe. The man dropped to the floor and, gasping, Alex looked round.

She was thankful to see that Bruce and Lionel were faring better than her. Bullets rained down in front of them, flooring any creature that got close. A sudden movement caught Alex’s eye. A shadow in the background, moving stealthily forward towards Bruce and Lionel...

Alex ran towards them hacking at the men and women around her. It was too late to yell a warning – she would have to take this one down by herself. Alex dodged the groping hands of the creatures and sprinted behind Bruce and Lionel, her axe raised above her head. The shadow retreated into further into the darkness at the sight of her, but that didn’t matter.

“ARRGGG!” Alex roared and threw herself on the creature. It squirmed under Alex’s grip, and yelped as Alex raised her axe. Alex could barely see – her vision was red with rage – but even so there was something different about this creature...smooth skin...sweet smelling...but that didn’t matter. It was still a creature, crazy and bloodthirsty. Alex felt the heavy axe in her hand and with a frenzied determination, brought it down hard.

The axe hit off the cold, hard floor of the warehouse, sending a shudder up Alex’s arm. Rage boiled in Alex’s veins. The creature had escaped!  Alex roared and turned her head. The warehouse was a writhing mass of bodies, most of them dead or barely living. The creature could be anywhere. No wait, there further up the wall, a tiny figure reaching for Bruce’s arm.

“I’ve got you now!” Alex ran towards the creature and smiling, swung her axe. The figure ducked and started crying, weeping. Alex paused. Creatures couldn’t cry; it was physically impossible for them.

“Pl-please don’ kill me...” The figure sobbed and put its hands above its head. Alex gulped and slowly knelt down. Her hand reached out and felt the airy whisper of hair, brushing the figures shoulder. A girl. Alex felt a lump in her throat.

She reached out and wrapped her arms around the girl. She felt a small head pushing down into her chest and then everything faded into darkness...


Date: 1/11/16                                    Author: Alex R

Last night was the worst battle we’ve ever had. We lost Tim – me and Bruce found his knife and shoes this morning – and Lionel got infected. We had to throw him out.  It was a good farewell though, we all cried and air-hugged. Lionel promised that before his transformation he would kill at least one of the creatures. Lighten our load. And then, he left.

The little girl we found (and that I almost killed) regained cun concioosnes consciousness a few hours after the fight had finished. I couldn’t stay with her forever, so I tucked her up in a box with a blanket, so that I could resume fighting. Later, she told us her name was Emily and that she was 7 years old. She has straw coloured hair, matted, and her body is covered in bruises and blood.  I scrubbed her down last night, and thankfully, she had no pus on her skin. She’s clean.

So, we’ve lost two and gained one. Losing Tim and Lionel was horrible but at least now we know that there are more people out there. Why shouldn’t there be? If Emily can make it, other people can as well.  In a few days, we’ll move and search for them. And we’ll find them, and together, maybe, just maybe, we can start a new life.

Over and Out.


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