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Over and Out Part 1 - A Halloweeny Blog Post :)

Hi! Happy Halloween! First of all, I hope everyone had a great time tonight, whether you're trick-or-treating or not :P My town is pretty mucked up, and we celebrate Halloween on the last Friday of October, so for me, this post is a bit late! My Halloween was especially fun - a film and a Chinese with my mum :D So, what are you doing tonight?

Secondly, I promised last time that I would have a story for you guys and well, I kept my promise. This story is called Over and Out (I think...I've not really decided!) and it was meant to be 1000 words long it actually comes in at about 2300! So, to lighten my poor readers load and stop your eyes hurting, I've split it up into two segments :) The end part will come out tomorrow, so keep watching this blog! The story was meant to be kinda Halloween themed but it didn't quite end up like that...still I hope you enjoy it! Leave your thoughts in the comments!
P.S. The LOG BOOK entry's do have a cool page thing round them but it wouldn't copy onto the blog :(

Over and Out

Date: 31/10/16              Author: Alex R.

It’s been 2 months and 4 days since the virus started spreading and infecting people.  You would think the creatures’ numbers would be dwindling, but they’re not. If anything they’re growing. Groups like us are slowly being picked off and infected, turning grey and dead. It’s horrible watching the transform – first their hair falls out and then their eyes fill with blood, and then slowly, their brains fizzle out, leaving shells, living on instinct, killing anything that comes near.  But of course, the victims don’t die...they just join the army waiting for us outside.
It was Marcy on Tuesday. They caught her as she was coming back from the supermarket. We had sent her out to get more food and water. It seemed like a good plan at the time – she was a sprinter, with long legs made for running. But laden down with milk and bread and tins, she didn’t stand a chance.  Anyway, that’s us down to four.  Me, Bruce, Tim and Lionel. It feels wierd weird to be the only girl, especially when I have to change or wash or go to the toilet. But that doesn’t matter, not in the grand scheme of things...
Everyone’s feeling uneasy tonight. Even Bruce, who wasn’t nervous when that creature broke down the door and headed for Tim. He just bashed it on the head and dragged him outside. Cool as a cucumber. He’s just sitting on the chair now, his eyes closed and his hands on his lap like he’s praying. Tim and Lionel are talking, but their conversation is stilted and awkward pauses fill the air between them. Even my hands are shaking as I write this. The reason we’re all so nervous is because tonight is Halloween. The scariest, spookiest night of the year. A time when the dark hides the worst creatures of the night, a time when ghost and witches rule the Earth. A time when –
Oh wait, I’ve got to go. Lionel is tapping me on the shoulder.
Over and Out.

Alex sat the pen down on table and closed the book. It was rough and scratched with coarse pages. All the normal paper they could find was burned – this book was only spared because of its leather cover. Alex stroked it and then turned round. Lionel stood behind her. When they had first met, Bruce and Alex had joked about his name, and how it suited him. He was a tall man, with bushy brown hair, lined with golden threads. He looked like a lion. He was useful for decision making and fighting but he ran like a wounded boar.

Lionel wrung his hands. “There are noises outside.” Alex rolled her eyes. There were always noises outside.

"It’s probably nothing,” she assured. “But keep an eye on the door and ready the weapons just in case.” Lionel nodded and hurried the length of the warehouse to Tim. The warehouse was big but comfortable. A fire blazed orange and red at one end, while the wind whooshed under the door at the other. From the line of black seeping into the room, Alex guessed it was about 7:00pm. The time she always went out guising. Alex shook her head and walked towards Lionel and Tim.

“Is everyone ok?” she asked. Sometime in the last couple of weeks, she had been made leader. She didn’t mind – she quite enjoyed it actually.

“Yeah, I think so.” Bruce pushed his chair out and came to join the group. His voice was rough and low. “But there are some weird noises outside. I mean, really weird.”

Alex sighed inwardly and said, “Fine. Everyone shut up, so I can listen for a moment.”

The room went silent. For a moment the only sound was the wind and the crackle of burning paper. Clunk. Alex froze. There was something – someone- banging up against the side of the warehouse’s metal doors. Clunk. Clunk. Alex leapt into action.

“Lionel, grab the guns and load them. Bruce, close the shutters.  And Tim, wait by the door. You all know the drill.”

The men jumped to attention and began doing their various tasks. Bruce ran to the windows and yanked them sharply downwards, while Lionel rushed to a wardrobe and threw guns and ammo onto the floor. Tim was standing by the door, crouched and ready. He was tall and lanky, but with heavy muscle on his arms and legs. He was a lousy shot, but amazing at wrestling.

Alex checked the men were getting ready and then strode over to her desk. Her fingers felt under it and closed around a wooden handle. She yanked an object out and smiled. Her axe.  It was silver and gleaming, scrubbed of the virus. The gang had discovered long ago that bullets do nothing but slow the creatures down. To destroy them, you had to cut off the heart and brain at the same time. Only one way to do that – behead them. Alex was given the job. She had the best motor skills and, as a result, her axe never failed to hit the target, moving or not. Alex straightened up and went to stand with Tim at the front door.

A few minutes later and Lionel and Bruce joined the duo. They were armed with shotguns and each had a loaded handgun in their waistband.  Clunk. Tim glanced up at Alex, waiting patiently for the signal. Alex paused and then nodded.

Tim threw the door open and then rolled out of the way. Lionel and Bruce immediately took position, kneeling on the floor, their guns propped up on one knee. Alex stood behind them and held her axe above her head. Any second now...

“ARGHHHHHHUGGGU!” A creature flew in out of the darkness. It was disgusting, smelling of sick and disease. It looked like a woman, and it was wearing the ragged, dirty remains of a skirt and top. The skin on its bald head was peeling, pus dribbling down into its swollen eyes.
The creature hurled itself through the door and lunged for Bruce, its claw-like nails flailing and raking in thin air. Lionel’s finger squeezed the trigger and a bullet raced out, hitting the creature in the chest. It paused for a moment, its bloodshot eyes widening in pain and shock. Alex saw her chance and swung her axe. There was a squelch and the head dropped to the floor, followed by the body, dead and cold.

Tim jerked as the woman fell towards him. A single touch and he was as good as dead. It wasn’t the bite that killed you, like everyone thought. It was the blood, poisoned by the virus. Shaking, he glanced up and smiled weakly. There were no more. Just one solitary creature, prowling the dark in search of pray. Tim stood up and patted Alex on the shoulder. “That’s us,” he said, slapping his hands together. “Happy Halloween!” With a smile, he turned back round to face the door and then, with a gasp, he vanished into the darkness.

I hoped you liked it! XD Happy Halloween!

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