Monday, 10 October 2011

Lexie and "The Beast"

Hiya people! Sorry I haven't posted in a week - I was planning to do it yesterday, but I felt really sick :O
Anyway, I, unfortunately, don't have a new story for you *sighs* I've been super busy with Wolfbane, so I don't have much time to write short stories :/ Sorry everyone! I do, however, have a small piece of writing that was initially going to be in my book, but got taken out. Hopefully this will give you a feel for my writing style.

Short synopsis of what's happened so far - Lexie has escaped from the research facility (and a house that she collapsed in..but that's another story ;D) and she is on the run, trying to get out of Scotland to find her brothers. This is her first encounter with a car :O I hope you like it!!!

P.S. When I say she "changed" I mean that she turns into a wolf...just so that you're wondering why the hell she has paws or is growling or whatever :P

Lexie and "The Beast"

Lexie changed as soon as she lost sight of the house. While she was running from the farm, she had calculated that she needed to go south - towards the border and into England. She hoped it wasn’t far. Lexie stumbled down a hill and onto a flatter patch of grass. Her paws pounded on the soil, kicking up dirt and roots as she ran. She loved the feel of it. It was rough and coarse and crumbly – it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Lexie howled in glee and ran faster. She could smell pine needles and long grasses, a scent that wafted into her nostrils. Lexie kept running towards the hill, heading towards the smell. It smelled like comfort, of food and water. It smelled like heaven.

Lexie got halfway over the hill when a noise made her stop. It was low and rumbling, full of unspoken threat and danger. Lexie growled and looked around for the source, intent on fighting the beast that was disturbing her joy. There was nothing around. Lexie relaxed her guard and climbed up the hill, higher and higher, until she was standing on its peak. Lexie swivelled her head round. A forest! It was diagonally in front of her, only half a mile or so away. She could see the green tops of the firs; hear the hushed calling of deer in its belly, asking her to join them. Lexie jumped slightly in delight and broke into a run down the hill.

Suddenly, Lexie froze. It was the beast. She could hear its roar echoing through the peaceful air. Lexie stumbled backwards and froze, her claws unsheathed. She bristled and snarled, showing her pointed canines and red gums. It was coming closer – she could sense it. Lexie’s ears pricked up and she turned her head round. Lexie yapped and sprung forward. There it was. The beast. It rolled along at the bottom of the hill on an uneven grey river. It had no paws or tail, just round wheels that barely touched the ground. It was huge, larger than any beast Lexie had ever heard of, full of strength and power. It was silver with black lines on it, but there were large see-through bits on its front and sides. Lexie snarled again and took a step back. There was no point in making the first move. If it wanted to fight, it would have to come to her.

The beast sauntered past her and then, a moment later, stopped. Lexie stayed frozen to the ground she stood on. The beast opened up and a man stepped out of it, his mouth open with shock. He was wearing large green boots and an old, worn jacket. Lexie growled. The man just stood there, staring at her.  Slowly, he took a step forward. Lexie darted back, growling louder. He kept walking closer, his hand in his pocket. He pulled out a mobile (Lexie had seen them before – the guards were constantly bragging about them) from his pocket and pressed a button. It lit up and made a snappy noise. Lexie flinched at the light and snarled angrily. 

The man jumped and ran back into the beast, his hand clasped tightly around the mobile in his pocket. Lexie saw her chance and sprinted forwards toward the grey river, snapping her jaws and growling wildly. The beast started and spluttered, a deadly cloud of gas coming out of its rear end. It froze for a second before roaring and running off, leaving long black lines on the river, a legacy to its presence.

Lexie stayed still for a minute, her claws buried in the soft soil and her body cloaked in the tall grass. Her eyes carefully surveyed the surroundings, waiting for the beast to jump on her, to kill her in ambush. Nothing happened and slowly, Lexie relaxed her muscles. She walked nervously to the bottom on the hill, to the edge of the grey river. Lexie hesitantly extended a paw and tested its surface. It was warm and solid. Lexie looked longingly up at the forest. It was green and fresh, an amazing destination on her journey to her brothers. She whined, and gathering her courage, sprinted across the river. It was bumpy and uneven, her paws sliding in and out of holes. She kept running, her breathing ragged with fear. Lexie finally skidded to a halt when she felt the stalks of grass grazing her legs and the dirt burrowing into the gaps in between her claws. Panting, she glanced up. The forest was directly ahead of her. Lexie immediately perked up and ran gleefully towards the trees.


Lily;) said...

Whats Wolfbane?
Sorry I don't have time to read your story right this moment but I will later!

Jenni said...

Hey Lily! I've created a tab at the top of the page, that will tell you all about Wolfbane :D