Thursday, 22 September 2011

Summer Bliss :)

Hi :) Wow it's been a long time since I spoke to you guys. Or, at least, that's what it seems like :P Anyways, this is a story I wrote about a month ago for a site called Write and Share. They set up a challenge to write a story with only 500 words entitled Summer Bliss. Compared to everyone else, my story was rubbish but I'm quite proud of it none the less :D I hope you like it!

Summer Bliss

Summer bliss. That’s what the brochure had called it, when he was booking the hotel. “A heavenly paradise of serene calm – your favourite holiday destination”, it had promised. But as Mark sat on the sun lounger in front of the pool, he could see otherwise. The place was a dump. The floor was dotted with lumps of chewing gum, and the pool had a large brown lump in the centre of it. The reception was under staffed and the manager had stared at him with the upper-class snobbery more commonly expected of a Duke, instead of a middle-aged, balding, fat man. The whole place stank of sweat and kids ran around the hotel on a free leash, playing noisily and just generally making a mess of the place. Even the sun seemed to shy away, hiding behind the clouds that had covered the sky like a blanket ever since he had arrived a few hours ago. Mark felt under the lounger for his Coke. He found it and, brushing the dirt off the bottom, took a long drink. It was lukewarm. Mark sighed and put it back under his seat. He would have blamed the sun, but he had only come outside a few minutes ago. The mini-fridge must be broken. He made a mental note to report it to the cleaners when they cleaned his room tomorrow. Not that they would understand a word he said. Mark sighed and closed his eyes, letting his mind wander onto the sunny beaches of the Caribbean or Hawaii.

He was sipping pineapple juice from a coconut, when he suddenly lurched forward. Mark opened his eyes and held onto side of lounger, which had juddered to a stop. Mark frowned and glanced under the seat. The parasol had fallen down, making his Coke spill. The brown liquid was seeping into the pages of his book. He hurriedly grabbed it, murmuring “Shit, shit, shit...” under his breath. The book had been lent to him by a friend. He scrambled to clean up the mess, vaguely aware of someone staring at him, but he couldn’t care less. It was only when he heard a muttered sentence, that he turned round. “What?” he roared, his face the colour of beetroot. He blinked, and found himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful young woman in a flowery bikini. She had almond eyes and golden skin. Her hair brushed his shoulder and he felt himself blush.

The woman smiled and said politely, “Hi, I’m on the lounger next to you...I was wondering if you wanted any help?” Mark gaped and nodded dumbly. The woman smiled and wandered off. Mark stared at her for minute, before slowly lying down. His head struggled to get round what she had said. He decided it didn’t matter, not in the grand scheme of things. A gorgeous girl was lying on the bed next to him! He grinned and absentmindedly smoothed back his hair. Things were finally beginning to look up.

Sorry, it's quite short and it''s not new but I've been working really hard on my book! I'm at 15513 words just now - quite a lot me thinks :P See ya later!


Lily;) said...

You are an awesome writer! KEEP WRITING :D

Cat said...

This story is brilliant! It has a completely different feel from other things you write, but is still just as amazing ^_^