Thursday, 15 September 2011

I finally understand!! :O

Hi! This is going to be a pretty short post but I think a few people (including me) will benefit from it!

Right, so a couple of days ago, I started talking to Caroline :) She's an American blogger (Caroline's Clever Concepts - check it out!) and she emailed my to ask if we could chat about blogging and stuff. I agreed and a few quick emails later, we were on the subject of school. She told me she was in the 8th grade and asked me what grade I was in. I looked a little like this -

I asked her about the grades and she was lovely and sent me a list of all the ages and grades and schools and stuff!!!! Thank you Caroline!!!! XD This is the list here - feel free to study it if you're Scottish ;)

Pre-School is 3-5
Kindergarden 5-6
1st grade 6-7
2nd grade 7-8
3rd grade 8-9
4th grade 9-10
5th grade 10-11
Middle school:
6th grade 11-12
7th grade 12-13
8th grade 13-14 (my grade if I was American)
High school:
9th 14-15
10th 15-16
11th 16-17
12th 17-18

Once again, thank you so much Caroline!!

In other news, 5 peeps have voted and they have decided that I should change my blog name! I have a few ideas but any more suggestions would be highly appreciated! :D


Rose said...

when you said about emailing i was thinking "ohhh dear...we can all see this isnt headed in a good direction...." however, NOW I UNDERSTAND!! thankyou!!! :D fantabuloso post as usual (: xx

Lily said...

Haha I know Caroline in real life- since a looooong time ago. I read your "Me!" page and you guys are like exactly alike.. haha we were chatting on gmail and she was like I got a pen pal named Jenni! And I was like... Jenni's Tales Jenni? Yes. That Jenni. LOL!

Cat said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I get it now!! Thanks!! XD

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenni! I've got a new blog:

lucyclark;D said...

i geeet it nooow! XD thanks : P