Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bonjour mes amis!

Hi! I'm back from my holibags in la Belle Francais - it was amazing and oh so beautiful!!. The countryside was a patchwork of vines and sunflowers, the towns are small and medieval havens of tasty food and markets and the gite we were in was, well, amazing :D My family and I went canoeing on the Dordogne (the main river) which was great, even if I got completely soaked! We also visited loads of medieval bastides (fortified towns from Henry VIII time) and bought some really nice things from the little shops and markets. I loved it!! I would post pics but my computers grumpy and won't let me :( Will try and post some next time :D I just had to put this one up though -

I didn't take this pic but it pretty much sums up the Eymet night market! Eymet was the town nearest to our gite and every Tuesday night they held a market. It was really busy and full of stalls :)

School went back today  >:(  It was so boring! Still, it was good to see my friends and stuff again :) Will be posting a book review next time, so keep your eyes peeled for my next post!

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Rose said...

grr i am SO jealous! even tho i had a great holiday too, lol ;) so happy ur home!! wow the market looks ahhhmaaaazing! :D x