Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sailing on the Sea....Kind of :/

Hi! No story today :( Sorry guys but I'm on holiday! Yesterday, at 2 o'clock, my family and I got in the car and drove down to Loch Ken, which is down south, near Stranraer. It's amazing and we are staying in a caravan on the shore of the Loch. There is a really beautiful town down the road and a few miles away, there is an activity centre where you can do a rock climb, laser quest and water-sports. The last time we were here (a few months ago) we did a taster day, which is like a jumble of different activities, but this week, I'm doing a sailing course! It started today and it was amazing. I'm only in a wee funboat but it's quite hard work and I'm exhausted now :P I got absolutely soaked but I had great fun and I can't wait for tomorrow!
So, I'll see you on Saturday when I get back :D

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Rose said...

grr i am jealous!! hey that sounds real good, i will suggest it to my folks for like sumthin 2 do during easter hols (ages away!!) have a great time! :) x