Friday, 1 July 2011

Ahhhh.... :)

Hi!! It's officially Summer! School ended at 13:00 yesterday and since then, its actually been sunny!! :D I've spent at least an hour on the trampoline today, soaking up the suns golden rays and eating ice-cream :P I really hope the weather is this good next week, when I go on my sailing course :)
I saw yesterday that someone on Write and Share posted a character bio about the main character of their book. I thought that was a really good idea so I did one for one of the main characters in my book - Jai. She's my favourite character in the book, with the exception of Stitches :)

My name's Jai. I had a second name, long ago, but since then I've forgotten it. It's not as if it matters anyway, right?
I'm the leader of the Bulldogs - it's a street gang in Glasgow. I would tell you where we live, but one of the Tigers might be listening. They're a rival gang and they killed my brother years ago, when I was only 9. I hate them and they're leader Stripes - he's a right a**hole!
I have brown, scruffy hair and pale blue eyes, like ice. I don't care much for appearances - people on the streets are invisible. Mothers walk straight past us, looking after bawling babies, businessmen glare at us like it's our fault the country's in a recession. I always wear jeans and a jumper, even in summer.
I'd like to think that I was generally level-headed person but, to be honest, I'm not. I have more mood swings than an hormonal pregnant woman. I'm angry, then I'm happy, I'm tense, then I'm loose, I'm annoyed, then I'm...well you get the picture.
I love chocolate and I get some whenever I can, which isn't often. I hate cabbage and mince - especially together in one of Stitches "mystery meals".
Anyway..that's pretty much me. I could tell you about my background, but there's not much you need to know other than the fact I ran away. The rest is too painful...
So, I'll see you around and if you live in Glasgow, keep an eye out for me ;)

Yeah...that's pretty much Jai in a nutshell. I might tell you more about her as the book progresses but it depends :)
I'll leave with some pics of summery things :D

I <3 cherries :P


Rose said...

haaha this is good! ooh i envy u with ur trampoline! >:( if i had one, you can bet ur arse i would be on it all day long!! especially in this weather ;) i love the chractr profile thingy for jai--its so cool!! notice how all ur pics hav the dominating colour red? :L x

Jenni said...

Yeah I did notice that...will get a blue pic ;)

Cat :D said...

Jai sounds so interesting! I love the idea of a character profile ^-^

Rose said...

oooh i love the wee flipflop charms!!!!