Friday, 29 July 2011

Bye Bye!

Hiya! Sorry I've not been blogging - I've been busy writing my novel (more on that later) and enjoying the (rare) summer sun! Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to France. I've never been before and it looks amazing :D My family and I are living in a little gite for a fortnight. We have our own barbecue and pool! The gite is near Emyet and in the Bergerac/Dordogne region of France - Anyone been there?? I'll see you when I get back my happy bloggers!
The gite we're staying in :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Old, forgotten dirt :)

Hiya! I'm back from my mini-holiday in Loch Ken! I finally got my RYA1 (Royal Yacht Association Stage 1) despite that fact I can't tack or gybe or move the boat in any way :P I also went kayaking with Becca and Mum. We got completely soaked but it was great fun! I can't wait to go back to Loch ken and I hope that it's going to become a yearly thing :)
This is an exercise from a book called Juicy Writing. You had to write a poem beginning with "When I'm" and continue it to 24. It was quite fun to do, even if I can't write poetry :P I hope you enjoy it!

Old, forgotten dirt.

When I’m 14, I’ll get some dirt on my knees and write until my arms fall off.
When I’m 15, I’ll wish I was in University with a boyfriend and a degree.
When I’m 16, I’ll try poetry again.
When I’m 17, I’ll eat two peas instead of one.
When I’m 18, I’ll publish a book filled with blood, sweat and tears.
When I’m 19, I’ll learn to like coffee.
When I’m 20, I’ll laugh louder than all my friends.
When I’m 21, I’ll remember the good times (Moniack) and vow to make more of them – the bigger the better.
When I’m 22, I’ll go crazy and be the person I really am.
When I’m 23, I’ll wonder what it was like to be 13.
When I’m 24, I’ll be different, new and wise – but I’ll never wash the old, forgotten dirt off my knees.

I know it's atrociously bad but what did you think?? Little competition for everyone - post your own "When I'm" poem as a comment or on your own blog and the one I like best will win an award! It can be funny or sad...but try and make it as unique as possible!
See ya later, alligators xx :P

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sailing on the Sea....Kind of :/

Hi! No story today :( Sorry guys but I'm on holiday! Yesterday, at 2 o'clock, my family and I got in the car and drove down to Loch Ken, which is down south, near Stranraer. It's amazing and we are staying in a caravan on the shore of the Loch. There is a really beautiful town down the road and a few miles away, there is an activity centre where you can do a rock climb, laser quest and water-sports. The last time we were here (a few months ago) we did a taster day, which is like a jumble of different activities, but this week, I'm doing a sailing course! It started today and it was amazing. I'm only in a wee funboat but it's quite hard work and I'm exhausted now :P I got absolutely soaked but I had great fun and I can't wait for tomorrow!
So, I'll see you on Saturday when I get back :D

Sunday, 3 July 2011


Jodi Picoult just emailed me!!!! XD XD

Friday, 1 July 2011

Ahhhh.... :)

Hi!! It's officially Summer! School ended at 13:00 yesterday and since then, its actually been sunny!! :D I've spent at least an hour on the trampoline today, soaking up the suns golden rays and eating ice-cream :P I really hope the weather is this good next week, when I go on my sailing course :)
I saw yesterday that someone on Write and Share posted a character bio about the main character of their book. I thought that was a really good idea so I did one for one of the main characters in my book - Jai. She's my favourite character in the book, with the exception of Stitches :)

My name's Jai. I had a second name, long ago, but since then I've forgotten it. It's not as if it matters anyway, right?
I'm the leader of the Bulldogs - it's a street gang in Glasgow. I would tell you where we live, but one of the Tigers might be listening. They're a rival gang and they killed my brother years ago, when I was only 9. I hate them and they're leader Stripes - he's a right a**hole!
I have brown, scruffy hair and pale blue eyes, like ice. I don't care much for appearances - people on the streets are invisible. Mothers walk straight past us, looking after bawling babies, businessmen glare at us like it's our fault the country's in a recession. I always wear jeans and a jumper, even in summer.
I'd like to think that I was generally level-headed person but, to be honest, I'm not. I have more mood swings than an hormonal pregnant woman. I'm angry, then I'm happy, I'm tense, then I'm loose, I'm annoyed, then I'm...well you get the picture.
I love chocolate and I get some whenever I can, which isn't often. I hate cabbage and mince - especially together in one of Stitches "mystery meals".
Anyway..that's pretty much me. I could tell you about my background, but there's not much you need to know other than the fact I ran away. The rest is too painful...
So, I'll see you around and if you live in Glasgow, keep an eye out for me ;)

Yeah...that's pretty much Jai in a nutshell. I might tell you more about her as the book progresses but it depends :)
I'll leave with some pics of summery things :D

I <3 cherries :P