Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Willow Hall - Part 2

Hi! It's nearly summer!! I'm so excited to get away from school (and maths) :D I'm going away on Tuesday for a 5 day sailing course and then I'm going to my grans and then I'm going to France! I'm very busy :D
Anyway, I recently joined this amazing site called Write and Share. It's a place where writers (published or unpublished) can post their work and get it checked and criticised. It's a great concept and some of the stories and poems on it are superb. Please take a look at it - click here!
This is the 2nd part of Willow Hall. If you want to read the first part click here. Remember - I wrote this ages ago so it's not that good!

Willow Hall - Part 2

“Hello, dear! You must be Lauren. I’m sorry I wasn’t here to let you in but I was a bit busy with another child. Isn’t that right, Harvey?” The small child that was clinging to the woman’s leg nodded slightly. “Well then, we’d better get you to your room. Sorry about using the microphone but it’s the easiest way to be heard in this place. I’m Lilith, by the way.” Each word was articulated slowly and precisely as if speaking to a toddler. She was quite skinny with short, spiky, black hair and piercing green eyes. Lauren stared dumbfounded at her.  “Well, come on,” said Lilith, walking upstairs. Lauren followed her but she was suspicious. She kept glancing back over her shoulder, making sure that the clean hall had not morphed back into the ruin she had seen...
Upstairs, Lilith walked quickly along the corridor, doors crowding her on either side. Lauren followed her, not sure what to do. Suddenly, Lilith veered to the right and knocked loudly on a door. Lauren made out the letters MATT stencilled in pencil on the wood. The door opened and a long haired, gaunt-looking boy stood at its entrance, his eyes staring blankly up at Lilith. He smiled slightly when he saw Lauren though. Lilith barged past him, motioning to Lauren to follow her. Lauren obeyed and suddenly she was in a spacious bedroom, with blue walls and two beds. “Here is your bedroom Lauren. I’ll leave you to get ready.” Lilith smiled menacingly and closed the door. The click of a lock being turned followed. The boy called Matt looked at Lauren blankly before whispering “Welcome to hell...”
Lauren stared at Matt. “What do you mean?” She was trying to sound strong but her voice was shaking. She prayed that Matt was just having a joke but his voice was sinister and he looked deadly serious. Matt looked at her and sighed. His long brown hair was matted and his eyes had large shadows under them. He bent his head down and said huskily, “Look around. What do you see?”Lauren turned away from Matt and gasped in horror. The room was changing around her. The walls were closing in on them and the room was getting darker. The door became scratched and the paint on the walls was peeling off. The floor was turning to stone and dirt grew in the corners. She screamed and headed for the door. She grabbed the handle and pulled. “It’s no use,” said Matt calmly, grabbing Lauren by the shoulders and yanking her away from the door. She broke down crying and collapsed, sobbing on the floor.
Eventually, Lauren turned to look at Matt, who was sitting on the floor beside her. “What’s happening?” she gulped between sobs. Matt sighed and looked away.
“Lilith isn’t just a name, Lauren. It means “witch” in ancient Greek. She’s a witch.  She manipulated the house and is using it to kidnap us. She takes advantage of our lack of family. It sounds crazy, I know, but look around you and tell me there is another explanation...” He broke off . Lauren could see tears in his eyes.
 “But the hall downstairs....” Lauren began but Matt interrupted her;
“Just a ploy for when Social Services or a new kid comes along. An optical illusion. What you saw at first is the real Willow Hall. This is the real Willow Hall.” He motioned around the room.
“Don’t know. All I know is that you can’t escape. You just have to wait until she lets you go...”

Hope you have a nice summer!


Cat :D said...

Creepy!! :O

Rose said...

ooohhhhhkay this is SO weird O.o i am freaked out now. this is good but it hink if you developed the idea and had more time,it could be really excellent!! i would like to hear more of this story; its interesting and sinister! loveya xx