Thursday, 23 June 2011


Hi! I've had this really weird obsession with Americans recently...I don't know why. I just really want to to know everything about them! Here's a list of my random questions;

What the hell is middle school?
Do like British boys; if so why?
Why are you so obsessed with burgers?
What is baseball?
Why is everyone in America Christian?
Is everywhere warm in America?
Do you know where Scotland is?
Do you think Scottish people eat haggis and wear kilts?
Why do you call a sousaphone a tuba??????????????????????? :O

Yeah..those are pretty random questions o_O

In other news, I'm going to enter a competition in a writing magazine! It's called writers forum and they hold a competition every month for readers :) got a few good ideas but I'm not too sure which one I like best..hmmmmmmm :/
My friend Rose is coming round on Sunday so I'll probs post one of my old stories up :) Just post up a little advertisement...Teehee ^.^

25th June....
Get ready for the orphanage from hell..
Who's afraid of witches...?


Cat :D said...

Lol, I've always wondered what middle school is....:P

Rose said...

great questions!! baseball basically rounders?? also, once i finish this comment i am going to zip over and look up witers forum on google!! what is willow hall?? is this umthin u hav written urself?? cant wait to see ya tomorrw!! xx

Jenni said...

@Rose Yeah, Willow hall was a maybe for Pushkin but my teacher turned it down :( I think baseball is rounders but ore professional (show-offs!)

Jess (an actual American!) said...

I am an american girl... Yes, i like british boys because (i don't know if you can hear it) they have a cute accent! Middle school is h*ll on earth. You don't want to experience it. Not everyone is Christian! I know a lot of Jewish and Muslim people. I do know where Scotland is, and not everywhere is warm here. (Chicago, for instance, is freezing! I know, because I live there.) I have no idea why everyone is obsessed with burgers. A sousaphone and a tuba are different things here! I know Scottish people don't normally eat haggis and wear kilts. And baseball is really hard to explain.
Hope this helps!
- Jess from Chicago, Illinois

Jess (an actual American!) said...

Sorry, I'm going to comment twice, because some things were really obscure on my last comment. Middle school is where you go between elementary and high school. It's made of sixth, seventh and eighth grade (and sometimes ninth). I'm in eighth grade, and there is so much friendship drama and boy drama and all sorts of other things. Count yourself lucky that you don't have to experience it. I would explain baseball, but i don't really know the rules myself. :)