Sunday, 8 May 2011

I'm back! :D

Rose on the Highland Camel
 Hiya peeps! I'm back from Moniack Mhor and I have to say, it was one of the best weeks of my life!! I learned so much and made so many new friends. I actually wrote a good poem!! XD Most of the week consisted of tutorials and outings, with lots of extra time just to write, play the guitar/penny-whistle or simply go on walks and muck around :) It was truly amazing. It was agonizing choosing pics for you guys to see but finally I decided on these...Enjoy!

The highland :D

Moniack Moo!

Jemma and Rose
The cooking staff on Tuesday night :)

Franny and Sarah

The foot star :P

 Anyway I hope you enjoyed them :) Rose, the girl in most of the photos , became my best friend! She has a blog (that has a really good description of Pushkin) so check it out here :P Poem next week :D I might start doing book reviews as well, but to do that I need more followers! So please share my blog!
'Till next week, adiós!


Rose said...

Jenni i Love you!!! missing you soo muchio :'( highland camel! twas a good day. twas a good day. im still checking out places we can meet up :D see you soon and i'll keep visiting ur blog xxxxx

Becca98xx said...

~Wo0o0o0o0 i'm away to party. :)

Rose said...

ummm jenni? how do u add the mad wee check boxes at the bottom of ur posts????? ive been trying 2 do it for AGES!!! xx

Jenni said...

Go onto Design then Layout. Click edit on the blog post and then where it says reaction select edit. Write out as many reactions as you want separated by a comma. Hey presto!! Save the changes and you have reaction boxes!! :D

Cat :D said...

Sounds awesome!! That would've been a dream week :D Glad you're back though, English wasn't the same when you weren't there :(

Rose said...

haha! who voted terrible!!?? thnx jenni xx