Tuesday, 24 May 2011

French Soil

Hi! I'm beginning to give up hope on Brigid Lowry (the author I emailed).....oh, well :/
This story was actually a Social assessment. It's a short story set in WW2 and I hope you like it!

French Soil

The rain pounded off the roof of the army truck. It poured endlessly from the dark sky like a sheet of glass. David stared at it in awe. French rain! David grinned and swivelled back to face his fellow soldiers. He was easily the smallest there. Despite being 19, his cheeks still had the chubbiness of youth, his top lip was bare of hair. The other men in the truck were large, muscular - David was small and gangly, barely able to hold his heavy, metal gun. It pressed uncomfortably into his lap, leaving purple and yellow bruises in its wake. David's helmet squashed his face down into a frown. When he smiled, his face seemed strangely out of sync - the top half angry and frowning, while the bottom half was happy. Even so, his excitement was unmistakable. He was abroad! He had never been abroad before! Different country, different country, different wine, different girls....

A sudden jolt catapulted David out of his daydream. The truck was slowing down. They were nearly there! They had to be! David clambered to see out the crack at the side of the truck, much to the annoyance of his fellow soldiers. David didn't care. The rain had slowed now to a light drizzle and the green expanse of  fields  had transformed into a dense thicket of trees. David started fidgeting in his seat. he wished he could jump out the truck, run on the French soil, taste the French rain, feel the hatred of a million Nazis run in his veins. 

Suddenly the truck stopped. The other men in the truck began filing out, pushing David out with them. He watched as the men stood in a line, their backs straight in front of a large man who paced back and forth. His muscles bulged out of his top and his slightly overgrown buzz cut stuck out of his head like an angry hedgehog. David immediately ran to join the end of the queue. He knew who this man was. The Corporal, the big shot, the man everyone had to listen to - or else. The Corporal continued pacing back and forth, until suddenly stopping in front of the line. "Welcome," he roared, showering the poor men in front of him with rancid spit. "To Army Base Dover!"

David's face fell. Dover! He was told he would be going to France to fight for his country! He was still in England. As the truth set in, David struggled to keep a relatively straight face. It was too much for the Corporal to resist. He sauntered over to David, a grin stretched over his hardened face. "Well, you didn't think you were going to France, did you? You idiot! You'd be eaten alive!" Tears pricked in David's eyes. he could hear the other soldiers sniggering . The Corporal straightened up and walked in front of the line again. he had got the reaction he had wanted. "Get into the Mess Hall!"

David started walking to the mess Hall. He was numb all over. He longed to burst into tears, to see him Mum, to play checkers with his brothers - he wanted to be home. But he was in the army now. No tears or weakness. He blinked his tears back into their ducts and hardened his tears to stop his jaw shaking. Soon he would be in France. Soon he would be fighting for Britain, wiping out Nazis. He gave a weak smile. Mum would be proud of him by the end of this. Straightening up, he jogged into the Mess Hall, ready to do his duty, be it in France, Britain or Germany. He was ready.

So what did you think? Not too sure about the ending :/ I've re-done it, hopefully to Roses's satisfaction :) Anyway, I'll see you on Thursday! :P


Zoe Crook said...

I loved reading this! It is unique and I your description is really good. Sequel?!

Rose said...

its good, i like it but i agree tht the ending could be worked a little more for something a bit more.....fulfilling? dont give up on tht author!! shes probably got quite a few fan emails to get through. wait a wee bit longer and THEN give up! ;) xx

Cat :D said...

Loved this!! You should write a wee series like this or something, I love the style :)