Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm a Celebrity.......TeeHee :D

Hi! I got interviewed for the local newspaper yesterday! It was great but I was very nervous beforehand. The interview itself was really good fun but the photo-shoot later was terrible! For those who don't know, I always look awful in pictures, and this was no exception. If you want to see the article, please click on this link -
In other news, I finally had an idea for a story! After weeks of delving into my brain for ideas, inspiration struck a couple of days ago. :D There's only one problem...I need a name for my main character! He is a very artistic 13-year-old boy, so if any of you have ideas, please tell me!
I hope you enjoyed the article and the blog and I promise I'll have a story up this time next week :)
Goodbye for now and remember to comment and share the article :D


lucyclark_xD said...

you should call him Evan lol :0) x

Cat :D said...

Awesome!! Your famous!! XD

What about....Louis...or Nikki....or Ewan...? Oh!! What about Benji!!!?? :P

Cat :D said...

God bad grammar ^^ I meant you're...not your :P